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"Intimate story about the journey of two through the US that goes beyond the confines of the road."

Hitchhike US was shortlisted in Unveil´d Photobook Award and it is the winner of International Photobook Competition 2017 in LA.

Book was featured in magazines FOTO, Cilichili, theFIX magazine, British Journal of Photography, Huck Magazine

Photography book which narrates an intimate relationship between two close friends – Stanislav and H. She is his best friend who has been suffering from an eating disorder for over 15 years, and her journey to her imagined USA is not just a romantic holiday but rather a hopeless attempt to escape the clutches of her struggle. Their personal journey is also inspired by cliché of American dream, Hollywood films or beat and hippie generation. They were hitchhiking, eating wild mushrooms and sleeping under the sky.

This book is (self)published by BFLMPSVZ Publishing, also establish by Stanislav.


Hitchhike US líčí složitý vztah k H. - dívce, která více než dvě dekády čelí PPP, to vše na pozadí dobrodružné cesty po USA, kterou provází poznání i ztráta iluzí a předsudků o americké společnosti, ale i o nás samotných.

Stanislav a H. putovali s krosnou na zádech a stopem během horkého amerického léta. Stopem, autem a autobusem z New Yorku na středozápad, z Montany do Utahu a zase zpátky na východ.

Knihu vydalo Bflmpsvz (Stanislav Bříza)

ISBN 978-80-260-6827-3
photo and poems: Stanislav Briza
design and typography: Petr Mazoch
|165x215 mm|canvas hardcover with embossing
95 pages|108 photos|